The Interplay of Light and Shadow


Clegg lives part of the year in Florida – the Sunshine State – deepening his appreciation for light and shadow.  He is impressed by the intensity of the sun and the shadows it casts, creating stark contrasts.

When creating sculpture, Clegg considers the light -- anticipating how it will weave in and out of the piece.  He cuts and bends the metal to shape light and shadow.  Apocalypse is an example of this technique.  The heads of the horses seem to move and dissolve as you walk around the sculpture, changing form and coming to life.  Clegg explains:  “Your eyes are never still. They are always gathering data, always moving.  They continually erase and add images.  Sometimes, they add things that are not there.”

Shadows cast by the sculptures are another element of Clegg’s work.  Tattered Angels casts evocative shadows of single-winged angels onto the wall behind it, extending the sculpture beyond its hard edges.



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