Clegg travels extensively and finds inspiration in the art and architecture of the cultures he visits, from the classical beauty found in Florence and Athens, to the ephemeral grace of Japanese prints, to the minimalist influences of Scandinavian buildings.

Barcelona by Stephen Clegg, www.CleggArt.comClegg draws from a background in theater lighting and set design.  Cirque du Soleil is a source of inspiration because of its inventive staging, unexpected use of lighting and colorful costumes.  “In theater, you build a world of illusion,” he explains.  “Each set is a universe of its own.”  It is no coincidence that some of Clegg’s pieces look like stage sets.  Barcelona is one such example.  Although relatively small in scale, Clegg dreams of resizing it to be several stories high, allowing people to walk into the sculpture and appreciate it from within. 

Clegg encourages people to touch his sculptures and move the parts.  He also invites us to walk around the sculptures, look into and through them, appreciating them from all angles and vantage points.

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